Fighting migraine.

I’ve been having migraines since the age of 16. It’s only recently that I discovered how to fight them without using medication: through ujjay breathing, yoga.

When I was a teenager, I could stay in bed for afternoons at a time when I was struck by migraine. Through the years, their length and strength increased to the point that I now have to keep the bed for 2 to 3 days at a time. I need to stay in the dark and can’t eat. When the migraine appears, I don’t get any aura, like some people do, but I usually feel extreme tension and pain in my back and neck 2 to 3 hours before the headache starts. I get migraine in average once a month.

I tried to keep a migraine diary some years ago, in order to find the cause of them, but it was useless. the only thing I found out was that they usually appear before, during or after my period. Stress was definitely a factor. Cold could be either contributing or symptomatic. Doctors couldn’t help me. I tried everything to get better, even homeopathy.

It took me years of testing to find the right medication, the one that would finally work and wipe away a migraine in a couple of hours (Relpax in Norway).

When I got pregnant, i tried not to take any medication. Fortunately, I had almost no migraine during that time. I was hoping that I would be among the percentage of women who get rid of migraine after a pregnancy, but no… Some months after the birth, it started again.

Some months ago I decided to practice relaxation to try to get rid of an incoming migraine. I found a dark isolated room at work and did 10-15 minutes of ujjay breathing. When I stopped I was still feeling the headache, but I was less tense. The migraine disappeared in the course of an hour! I tried again the week after when new symptoms appeared. Just as successful! It’s also important to drink a lot of water.

You’re also suffering from migraine? Then try, it might work with you too. You would be able to get rid of medication and help your psyche and body by relaxing as well:-)

Here are some info on the ujjay breathing: wikipedia, yoga journal.


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