Your child screams every time you try to measure her temperature?

I have been unable to measure my son’s temperature since his birth: wherever I try to stick the thermometer (under the arm, in the mouth or somewhere else) and whichever kind of thermometer I use, he always yells and rolls around, making it impossible for me to know how high is fever exactly is.

But a couple of days ago, I speak with my good friend A. and tell her that I’ve had to stay at home with my sick boy for several days. And that I still don’t know how much fever he has. That’s when she tells me about the trick she got from her daughter’s nanny some years ago:

the nanny explained to the little girl that if she yelled when she measured her temperature, the birds drawn on the picture in the room would be scared and fly away. Believe it or not, it worked and the girl didn’t scream. So her mum used the same trick at home and it worked every time!

So I tried myself and explained to my boy that if he screamed when I would take his temperature, the glass fish which are hanging from the ceiling and that fascinate him so much would be scared and swim away. It worked… For the first time, I was able to measure his temperature without him moving or yelling.

So if you have a hard time when your child has a fever, try this trick and see if it works with your little angel too!


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