The organic products I like to use.

I’m barely starting to get to know organic products, but the more I discover things, the more interesting it gets. Here are some of my favorite products so far:

  • the alun stone: a natural deodorant.
  • cloth nappies: a must for any mum who’s careful about the environment. You can check my post about them.
  • the soap-nuts: totally natural and easy to use. Plus, very cheap! In France you can get a bag of them for 15 euros and you have enough to do one laundry a day during a whole year. You can use them up to 90°C.
  • the biowashball: costs a bit over 30 euros. Totally detergent-free. Is effective during approximately 3 years. You “reload” it by putting it in the sun during an hour every month.

The only problem with both the nuts and the washball is that when your laundry is very dirty, you need to wash the big stains by hand first. So, good for adult laundry which isn’t too smelly, but not always efficient for children’s clothes after a day in the mud or in the grass;-)

Well, that’s not much, but in my country, it’s still quite difficult to get organic products. They are also very expensive, usually. How else do I contribute to a healthy environment?

  • I recycle glass, metal, paper, plastic and I’m careful to return electric waste and batteries to the electric shops;
  • When I go shopping, I bring my own bags or baskets (my mum started with that and since then, both my sister and me have been doing the same. Thanks Mum!). This way, I avoid collecting dozens of plastic bags at home. 
  • I’m trying now to not buy fruits and vegetables which come from too far away: their transportation costs money and is usually including the use of kerosene or of gasoline. But it’s not easy. Where I live, the production of fruits and vegetables is very small, so it’s impossible to stick to the country’s products.
  • I take the bus as often as I can, or I walk. Anyway, gas for the car has become so expensive that it’s better not to take the car too often.
  • I told my parents (who have a big garden) to plant a tree each time I take the plane to come and visit them. We haven’t started with that yet, but I think it’s a good initiative to compensate a little for the pollution created by the plane trip.

Well, it’s all just a drop of water in the sea. But then again, if nobody ever does anything, ladybirds will soon become extinct;-)


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